Do What You Love

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There are a lot of things we have to do every day that might not be what we love (laundry, housework etc.).  Sometimes these things can take over and before you know it a whole day has gone by and you never get to the things you love to do.  This happens to me a lot!  So today, I am going to set aside some time to do one thing I love-crack open that new book that has been calling my name but I have been too busy to start!  Spending a little time each day doing things you love, will help you get through the parts of the day you might not love as much and leave you with a feeling of peace and contentment.  God created each of us with these unique and special interests, it is a gift to be cherished.  How about you?  What do you love to do?  Please add a comment and let us know, we would love to hear from you.  I challenge you to take some time today and do it!




  1. Annemarie Kautz says:

    My favorite thing to do is walk in the woods of my property. It allows me to clear my head and do something good for my body as well as my mind. I consider it my “daily de-stresser.”

  2. Jules and Jen says:

    Annemarie, that sounds like a wonderful way to unwind! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Rob Patten says:

    I love to watch the Tigers. I never get tired of it. I also love to pick and eat Middleton Strawberries.

  4. Jules and Jen says:

    Rob, you can’t beat fresh picked strawberries! Go Tigers!

  5. I love this post…because I couldn’t agree more! I’ve got a sign in my office that says, “Do something creative every day.” That’s something I love…it could be anything, but if it’s creative, it usually makes me feel fulfilled.

  6. Jules and Jen says:

    Caroline, that is so true! Sometimes I feel like I have all of this creativity that just needs to get out in some way! Thanks for visiting our blog! 🙂