This is one of my favorite Christian artists and I love this song because sometimes it just sums up my day-a lot of little, annoying irritations that could really get me down if I let them.  The  line in the song that really speaks to me is: ” I forget how big I’m blessed”.  When I stop to remember how blessed I am, it puts things into perspective!

I hope you enjoy this song!  Do you have any favorite Christian music artists?  I am always on the look out for some new tunes!




  1. Third Day!

  2. Jules and Jen says:

    Any favorite songs from Third Day?

  3. Blessings by Laura Story; Forgiveness by Matthew West and anything from Casting Crowns!!

  4. Jules and Jen says:

    Thanks Tammy! I am going to check those out and will post some soon! I also love Casting Crowns! Check out Jamie Grace! She has some great songs!!!!