Bible Memory Verses


I wanted to have the girls start memorizing Bible verses.  I think it is so important for them to have verses committed to memory so they can recall God’s words when they need them, whatever the situation might be.  Their Sunday School classes do not have a formal memorization program, so I decided to create my own.  I have a  plate that you can write messages on with a dry erase marker, so I wrote the verse on the plate where it is displayed on the kitchen counter for them to see every day.  I give them two weeks to memorize the verse and they are “tested” on it at the end of the week.  Both girls took it very seriously and have so far memorized four verses.  Now, I am not above a little bribery to make the whole task a little more fun.  They each receive some kind of prize (candy, a donut, stickers for little one, nail polish for teen daughter). They don’t know ahead of time what the surprise will be.  I have a terrible memory and have been trying to re-learn some verses along with them.  Also, I have tried to pick verses that I think will apply to the things they are both dealing with in their daily lives.

So little by little, as they are learning these verses, they are putting on the “armor of God” which will help them as they prepare to go out and live in this big world!

How do you memorize scripture?  I have a poor memory and would love to hear any tips or tricks!




  1. Oh I like this!!! Have to do this with little man when he gets older!!