Low Calorie, Budget Friendly Drink



I have to make a confession, I have a bad case of gourmet coffee drink envy.  The ironic thing is that I don’t even like coffee!  There is just something about watching people walk around carrying those whipped cream topped drinks that makes me long for something I could indulge in.  Teen daughter is obsessed with them and would buy one every day if her funds allowed it!  An alternative might be a fruit smoothie or shake, but I don’t want the added calories that come with those types of drinks.  Plus, I can’t really see spending so much on a drink, so I tried to think of more budget friendly, low calorie options.

I decided to use one of those reusable BPA free cups with a straw and make my own “fancy” drink.  Tea is my passion, so I bought some cold brew black and raspberry tea mixes.  I brew the tea bag in cold water for about 4-5 minutes and add some ice.   For the black tea, I sometimes add a splash of orange juice for a little touch of sweetness and there you have it, a super easy, cheap, low-calorie drink for the summer!  So simple, yet it really satisfies my craving for that special drink when I want something other than water.  Do you have a favorite homemade “fancy” drink recipe?  We would love to hear about it!