God Moments at Work

DSCF0257I am not a Christian counselor, but I am a counselor who is a Christian. Now that may seem like an odd thing to say, but the rules and regulations of insurance and government won’t allow me to label myself a “Christian Counselor”, but I couldn’t do the work I do without being a Christian and having God as my “supervisor.” I truly believe that God has led my career and He puts me in the job that He wants me to be in. Sometimes I get frustrated and think that I could find a different career; one that carries less heartache and more hope; A Walmart greeter always seems like a nice easy job. However, I continue to trust God that I am where I need to be, and when I have completed the job He wants me to do, another door will open and I will move on. I was sitting at my desk one late afternoon frustrated as another client had “no showed,” when I heard someone in the hallway. I encountered a man who had driven his wife about 45 minutes to our sweet little town of Lexington, Michigan because they couldn’t remember the name of our agency. This lovely woman was as we often say, “a hot mess.” Her anxiety and depression was so deep she could hardly walk. The man asked how soon he could get an appointment for his wife. Well, since I just happened to have an opening, (my new client referred to that as Divine Intervention) I was able to see her right away. This lovely lady was a Christian and had a deep faith that eventually would help carry her out of the darkness and back to the light. It was my pleasure and honor to be a part of that process. She eventually “graduated” out of therapy and is back to living the healthy happy productive life that she had in the past. God is just so cool sometimes, and I love how he sends these special people to me that help me to remember that He is the ultimate “scheduler.” Prayer: Dear God, thank you for using me to do your work, and to remind me that you are always in control.